Is a Pug the Right Companion Dog for You?

January 18, 2018

Is a Pug the Right Companion Dog for You?

A Pug For Me?

If you are looking for a super companion dog, a pug is a terrific choice. The biggest mission of these sweet, compact dogs is to supply love to their loved ones. Many dogs are bred for hunting, rescuing, safeguarding or herding, however, the pug's primary role in life is to provide you with love. Not to mention, pugs are at their happiest if they are loved in return!


The pug is categorised as a toy dog, however it is one of the larger of the toy breeds. Pugs pack a lot into a small bundle. They're rectangular when viewed from almost any direction and are commonly as tall as they are long. Practically all pugs stand between 10 to 12 inches to the shoulder and should weigh roughly 14 to 18 pounds.


The colours of a pug's coat are fawn and black. Fawn coloured pugs have a variety of coloration from apricot to silver. Black pugs are commonly solid black, although many have a white mark on their chests. Fawn colored pugs come with black masks covering their mouths, noses and ears, and as a result of this interesting masked look, are favored to black pugs by a margin of 10 to 1. The pug's coat is brilliant and soft, losing a common amount of hair. The fur around the ears of pugs is especially smooth. In fact, many people have likened the feel of a pug's ears to touching velvet.


Together with the bulldog and the French bulldog, the pug possesses a pushed-in face, rendering it tougher for it to breathe. For that reason, it needs to be closely checked in warm weather, and should not be exercised too strongly. Due to the fact its face is flat, the pug is loaded with lots of heavy wrinkles, notably all over the muzzle and forehead. Pug owners need to pay careful attention to the pug's facial lines and wrinkles to be certain that this area is clean. This helps put a stop to possible skin irritations and infections.

That Tail!

The pug's tail is known as one of the breed's sweetest aspects considering that it curls very tightly. It's easy to roll out the pug's tail and have it quickly roll straight into place. The pug's tail is also a measure for its health. One way it's possible to detect whether you might have an unhappy, exhausted, or possibly ill pug is if it rolls down its tail and keeps it down.


When considering personality, the pug has a lot of personality. There isn't anything shivering or subdued about this little dog. Pugs enjoy playing a variety of games, including retrieve, search, and hide and go seek. Most baby pugs can play for a number of hours, and then they are more than pleased to curl up near to you on the recliner and enjoy the telly.

Household Pet

Most pugs are non-aggressive and make terrific household pets for youths who know how to take care of a dog correctly. The pug doesn't always make a beneficial guard dog due to its small size, yet it is surely an awesome watchdog.

Best Friend

In conclusion, the pug is a joyous dog as well as a superb companion. Obtaining a precious pug as your loyal friend means that you have a best friend for life!